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toujours de RyuDraconis
c'est l'objet Karmic en lien direct avec sherlock.
pareil je le traduirai bientot au fur et a mesur

Citation :
Karmic Magic Item for The adventure of the Talking Ravens-

The Pen of Ages Past
Karmic Rating: 1
Hoard Rating: 1
Special Qualities: Magical, alters perceptions of the written word

-Item Information-
The Pen of Ages Past was a unique item commisioned by the Royal Family of Atlantis. It was created for the sole purpose of perserving the legend that was the Mythic Age in such a fashion that it woud only be decipherable by one truly skilled in the use of Magic. It was given to an unnamed Atlantean scholar mere years before the end of the Mythic age and the end of karma, before it faded into, like most items forged in that time, myth and legend.

-GM Information-
The unnamed scholar was in fact a Dragon named Liashan who took human form and worked among the Atlanteans. Nobody ever knew this was the case, and his true identity was kept a guarded secret by the Atlantean royal familyin order to qwuell any superstitions created by the war between Dragon and Titan kind. When Karma left the world, and Liashan dissapered, as well as did other Dragons, the Pen was lost, like his hoard which he kept hidden in an underwater aquatic cave. It wasn't until a young scholar named Plato stumbled upon the cave in 407 BC, now risen above ground in the form of a small island (thanks to the upheval from the rupturing of karma) Upon finding the Pen, and studying the collection of Liashans knowledge, Plato became aware of Atlantis and its existance. (The cave was situated on a ley-Line, and it granted Plato the ability to decipher the pens falsities)

Plato wrote about these discoveries in his two dialogues Timaeus and Critias, his mind abuzz with the whir of inspiration form the infusion of the Karma from the Line. Unfortunately, he never undersrood the Pens powers fully and the Pen obscured and blurred his wiritngs into whgat we know of them today, desciptions and lore of Atlantis and its culture, but a fictional account due to aletered history, and conflictiong information on its location. (due to the pens powers, which were activated for a short time by the Line) After Plato died, the Pen again dissapered, however, whenever a great author or scholar has appeared, so has the pen alongside it. The last owner of the pen was one Sir Aurthur Conan Doyle, who used it to write about his time with the great detective Sherlock Holmes. The pen, at work as always, blurred his words and worked him into the identity of one Dr Watson. And so, the actual records, of what Conan Doyle was trying to create were lost into the many fictional Adventure of sherlock Holmes. The resulting outpour of success was just aisde benefit of the pens powers (much to Conan Doyles delight..and utter frustration) Sherlock Holmes (or Ershlock Holmiestier) is the current possesor of the Pen, it having been given to him by Conan Doyle, who retured after the final series of Holmes books, who was fed up with writing and retured to the London countryside. Holmes, acting upon his request, wrote his obituary for the paper.

Blur the written word: This power is innate and does not activate upon command, rather it activates the minute thepen is touched to any type of surrface for wiriting. As the Pen writes it uses its powers to change, warp, and fictionalize any work of non-fiction the writer might be trying to write, weither it be an autobiography or historical documents, etc and so forth. This change happens subtletly so only those who actually know of the pens powers actually know the pen is working Magic. For someone unaware of the Pens magical powers a Ka (Earth) TH 5 test is required to pick up the subtle manipulation of karma the pen is creating. For those who are aware of the Pens powers, they can freely bypass or use its powers to their leisure.

Preserve the written Word: The Pens magic binds karma into the very letters it writes and therefore will preserve all original works written by it forever keeping them immune to the effects of degredation and aging. Copies do not gain this ability, the work has to be the original manuscript that the pen touched.

Decipher the Blurred Word: The user of the Pen may use the pen to decipher its fictionalized writings, but requires a Ka (Earth) TH 6 to do so. The TH of this increases by 1 for every 100 years of the documents existance. (thus something written by the pen in 1904 has a TH of 7, and so forth)

Change Form: The pen can change its form to whatever the owner wills it, this requires no Karma expenditure

Dormancy: The pen, if used as a karmic Item, will not cease to be karmic or Magical if its karma is used up, rather its ability will "go dormant" until its karma is replenished as shown in Table 3-2 in the GMG
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Pen of Ages Past
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