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oui je sais j'ai pas ncore fini de traduire les background mais bon voila le truc d'apres qui sera traduit :

Contribution par Dmitri Scull


Ere: Mythique or Moderne
Race: Etre surnaturel
APL: 1
Aspects: Feu 2, Eau3(1), Air 4(1), Terre3
Initiative: 6
Santé: 3m; <3/3+/6+/9+/12+/15+/18+/21+
Taille: -3/0 ft.
Armure: 0
Souillure / corruption : 15 (30)
Deplacement: 10 ft. (Speedy)
— Lance: 7/M
— Epée: 8/L
Agg — F5/W3(1)/A2(1)/E2 — Ankle Bite (Power + Power + Weapon Strike): Added damage +10, trip
Compétences: Athlete 4, Sorcellerie2, Ka 2, Melee 3, Rapidité 4, Sens 3, Vigueur2, Furtivité 4, Tech (mechanique) 1, Tricherie3, Volonté1
Avantages: Jeteur de Sorts 1, Habile, Survivant1
Pouvoirs: Esprit de Groupe 1, Sens intensifiés (Vue 5), Malleable 2, Instinct 1, Wallcrawler 3
sorts: Shadow, Undisturbed Slumber*
Traits: Fae, Corrompu

Goblins are nasty, brutish creatures, little changed whether they are tainted or not. Thriving on cruelty and sadism, typical goblin pursuits include tormenting small children, stealing babies, and torturing small animals.
Goblins are the archetypal “monster under the bed;” they live to torment children, pulling hair, poking at them with their spears, and whispering threats to them in the dark of night. Their weaponry is crude but wickedly sharp, and they have are experts at hiding and disappearing.
The typical goblin is 6-8” tall, thick-bodied, and weighs maybe 12-16 pounds. They resemble small, wizened, ugly humans, with pointed ears and beady eyes. Their teeth are also needle-sharp, although they cannot bite as a normal attack (1/L, but they can only bite when grappled or grappling). Some rumors claim that some (or all) goblins are venomous, but this has never been proven. A goblin can squeeze through any hole large enough for their head to fit through; generally, a 1” opening is wide enough for them.
Goblins are ruled by a king, which despite the title, can be of either gender. The king is the most powerful goblin, often the strongest and toughest, but always the most skilled spellcaster. It is the king’s duty to cast the Goblin Transformation spell, a unique ritual variant of Warp the Unwilling that can turn any size –3 humanoid biped into a goblin, permanently. It is limited to that particular transformation; larger humanoids, animals, smaller creatures, and the like are all immune. The most common subject is a human infant, although some fae creatures can also be thus transformed (and the goblins will quite happily war on their fellow fae).
In the Mythic Age, infants were normally kidnapped to replenish lost numbers; the goblins would leave their sick or dying kin in the cradle (sometimes with some sort of glamour masking the goblin), and take the infant to become a goblin. In the Modern Era, goblin populations are on the rise, and infants are stolen to increase their numbers.
Goblins can reproduce on their own; however, a goblin born to goblin parents usually dies within a few days. A newly born or transformed goblin undergoes a painful process whereby the subject becomes a fully mature (and fully educated by the Group Mind) goblin in a few hours. Goblins born to goblin parents are seriously drained by this (a transformed goblin has a greater store of personal karma to defend against this), and in the Mythic Age, only 1 in 12 goblins born to goblin parents survived. In the Modern Era, that number is closer to 1 in 100.

* Undisturbed Slumber is described in the Secrets of Fire forum. It allows the caster to put a sleeping target into a deeper slumber by touch. Such a victim can only be awakened if injured or if the spell expires. The spell lasts until the victim would wake normally, or for 1 hour per point of base Air the caster has, whichever is longer.

Modified to fix minor errata and update the taint pool based on FB: GMG Errata.
According to the description of the fae trait, the taint pool for a tainted fae should be Earth x 10 or Earth x 5. However, no tainted fae in the Game Master book actually follows this rule, nor do the kelpies [follow the similar rule for non-tainted fae]. I queried FFG about this and the book is in error, therefore the goblins have been updated.
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